Anaali is now living in Colorado with Jill!  Thank you Jill for giving her a perfect "Fur Ever Home"!

"Gus is a big hit around here:) we love him! He is a great dog. Thank you for everything."
   It looks like he is going to enjoy his new life in Arizona!   A big "Thank You" to the Harris family for giving Gus a great home!

"Bentley's doing well with potty training. We take him out about every 1/2 hr.   I appreciate your effort to crate train him prior to us getting him. It makes everything much easier especially at night:) He is very sweet & fun."
    "Thank You" to the Milliron family for giving Bentley a wonderful new home in Ohio!

Cali Jr. looks like she is being treated like a princess!  Thank you to the Berry family for taking such good care of Cali!

"Lexi is getting bigger and is more beautiful than ever! She is enjoying her first snow fall today.   She wishes you a Happy and Healthy New Year!"  Marla Lando

"I recently purchased a Goldendoodle puppy from OGK's Adorable Pups.  She is such a great puppy!  A wonderful personality and so sweet!  I would highly recommend them!  All my family cannot wait to meet her!" 

-  C. Murray