"Lexi is getting bigger and is more beautiful than ever! She is enjoying her first snow fall today.   She wishes you a Happy and Healthy New Year!"  Marla Lando

"Gus is a big hit around here:) we love him! He is a great dog. Thank you for everything."
   It looks like he is going to enjoy his new life in Arizona!   A big "Thank You" to the Harris family for giving Gus a great home!

"Bentley's doing well with potty training. We take him out about every 1/2 hr.   I appreciate your effort to crate train him prior to us getting him. It makes everything much easier especially at night:) He is very sweet & fun."
    "Thank You" to the Milliron family for giving Bentley a wonderful new home in Ohio!

Cali Jr. looks like she is being treated like a princess!  Thank you to the Berry family for taking such good care of Cali!

"I recently purchased a Goldendoodle puppy from OGK's Adorable Pups.  She is such a great puppy!  A wonderful personality and so sweet!  I would highly recommend them!  All my family cannot wait to meet her!" 

-  C. Murray

Anaali is now living in Colorado with Jill!  Thank you Jill for giving her a perfect "Fur Ever Home"!